Mind Reading

Imagine an evening's entertainment where the performer reads minds, makes stunning predictions, and plays incredible psychological stunts with the audience. With no complicated props to hide behind, mind reading can baffle and amaze the most sophisticated of audiences.

Nick is a seasoned mind magician who has been demonstrating his skills in this specialised field both in a funny and thought provoking cabaret and as a close-up entertainment. Incorporated with spooky story telling it becomes his unique show Tales From The Darker Side performed all over the UK.

Mind Magic goes under many names. Known to most of the public as “Mind Reading” this specialised craft is called mentalism by magicians. One of the oldest and most secret areas of the conjurors' craft mentalism is only practised by a small number of individuals who have made a special study of this complex form of entertainment.

Although top magical entertainers such as David Berglas, Paul Daniels and David Nixon always performed mind reading as part of their repertoire there’s no doubt that TV mentalist Derren Brown has made this art form truly popular. Derren calls himself a “psychological illusionist” and that’s a great way of describing how Nick baffles and bamboozles audiences with his own brand of mentalism.

Far removed from ordinary tricks and routine conjuring, a display of mind-magic and psychological illusions can be the centre-piece of a unique evening of entertainment, suitable for venues ranging from museums, stately homes, castles, theatres and clubs to lecture halls, restaurants and your own sitting or dining room.
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