Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic is one of the most sophisticated forms of entertainment with tricks performed right in front of you - often in your own hands. Watching and taking part in close-up magic is a much more intimate experience than observing a performer on stage. Here there are no props to hide behind, or clever lighting effects to confuse the brain.

Wonderful for wedding receptions and for keeping guests occupied while photos are being taken, Nick can also perform close-up in restaurants, at parties and at formal dinners.

Close-up is also great for trade shows, product launches and promotional events with the magic tailored to your company’s needs. If getting potential clients to pick up a business card or brochure and keep it with them is important to you, imagine if that promotional material carried any amazing individual prediction on it – one that they would want to carry around and show their friends and colleagues. Nick can design just such a trick for you!

Smartly dressed to suit the occasion he can mingle with your guests and clients, presenting magic with an entertaining twist directly in front of them.

Hugely popular in North America, where magic is much more widely practised than in this country, the art of close-up is sometimes known as "table hopping" because the magician "hops" from table to table during the course of an evening.