Tales from the Darker Side

Just imagine. It is very late at night. There is just you and a few others gathered together to hear some uncanny stories of dark happenings, strange events and unusual people.

You could be in your own home or in one of the most haunted buildings in the country. You expected to be very scared. But this is something different altogether.

One of your number has already predicted the time of her own death, four of your companions have simply thought of the names of their dead friends and relatives and had them revealed, and now your host for the evening suddenly "dies" - right before your very eyes.

"Most Haunted" would give their eye teeth for a scenario like this.

Nick makes it happen at every venue he attends! 

As veteran "psychological investigator" Dr Nicolas Grimoire he invites the audience to join him for a unique evening of Gothic magic, psychological illusion and spooky story-telling. These involve conjuring up ancient mysteries as part of which he attempts some unusual experiments with the audiences’ help.

During the evening participants could be invited to test their ability to tell the living from the dead, help recreate one of this country's most unusual murders and to find an ancient serial killer’s favourite "memento" of his crimes.

Dr Grimoire’s spine-chilling blend of magic and storytelling is the fine British tradition of the Hammer Horror films - a tongue-in-cheek display of un-nerving mind-reading, magic and story-telling which makes an excellent evening's entertainment.

Suitable for small audiences of up to one hundred and enhanced by unusual settings the performances are intended for adults only but can be adapted to suit a family audience - most parents know how much their youngsters enjoy "Horrible Histories" on TV!

The normal running time can be tailored to suit your individual needs or to a particular venue.

For more details call Nick on 01453 619478 or 07752 438901 or send him an email.

View a sample of Strange Tales from the Darker Side on You Tube.