Magic Lecture

Nick is always happy to reveal his "dark secrets" to magicians' clubs and conjuring conventions.

As his alter-ego Dr Nicolas Grimoire, magician and story-teller Nick Brunger blends spooky tales, magic and mind-reading in a unique show that has taken him to old prisons, castles and stately homes, as well as museums, “ghost hunts”, theatres and private homes.

His award-winning Creepy Carmarthen Tour, blending true stories of the town’s unpleasant past, combined magic with “horrible history” and won him “Visitor Experience of the Year” from his local tourist board when he lived in Wales.

With clients including the National Trust, English Heritage, and local authorities in England and Wales, in this lecture he demonstrates some his most popular effects and explains how he combines magic and mentalism with storytelling to provoke strong reactions in audiences of every kind.

By popular demand he now offers two lectures for those societies who have requested a second visit.

Thanks for one of the best lectures I have seen in years. Every one commented on the skill and quality of your highly polished performance. The props you used were superb. - Bernard Visgandis, Coventry Magic Circle

A great insight into storytelling and magic. - Matthew Garrett, Northamptonshire Magical Society

I have just finished reading your lecture notes and what a good read it is – no padding, every one a “worker. – Paul Cooper

For me, this has been the most influential lecture for years, hopefully in years to come I can quote you lecturing at Derby that started me off in the storytelling arena. - Paul Sharp, Derby Magic Circle

Nick has a great storytelling style, was totally convincing and a delight to talk to afterwards. If anyone is think of booking Nick and wants a touch of the darker side then look no further. - Don Hardy, Macabre Magic.

The lecture lived up to everything I hoped it would be - something a little bit different from the "norm" put over in a highly professional manner. - Royston, Northamptonshire Magicians Club

Nick's performances where great pieces of theatre and this lecture was not only entertaining but very different too. All the stories that accompanied each effect were written by Nick himself—a very clever talented man indeed. Andy Kirk, President, The British Magical Society

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Duration: Full evening
Availability: The UK and beyond
Telephone: 01267 290411 / 07752 438901