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 Nick is a really enthusiastic storyteller, the pictures he describes become very vivid as you are on location of the tales. The illusions he conducts are brilliantly baffling. I'm not really one for the paranormal,luckily this was not hugely scary just a bit unnervinging at times! I ended up going alone but it really didn't matter,I felt very included and welcome by everyone. There was a mixture of attendants; a couple of families and a couple of young adults. I really feel like this tour appeals to all, history lovers,magic admirers and ghost hunters. Plus it's not a long walk so should be do able for most :) Trip Advisor Review 

A really enjoyable evening, a good mix of historical fact, spooky stories and fun. Would most definitely recommend this tour, we went as a party of five and each of us came away saying we would certainly go again. Dr Grimoire was a fantastic guide, lots of interaction with the crowd involving us in a variety of experiments. A good walk around the town finished off with a visit to the old police cells! Fantastic night. Ruth W

This tour was by far one of the best I've ever been on. It wasn't just creepy but informative with some history and jokes thrown in. Dragon

May I say how much we enjoyed the tour over the summer, we’ve talked about it ever since! Carys R

This tour is seriously good. Dr Grimoire created an atmosphere that was friendly and fun, but at the same time somewhat surreal and quite unnerving. I don't consider myself easily scared, but I was quite on edge in the prison cells, and I don't think I was only one! I haven't got a clue how he managed the magic tricks, they were all very impressive, and indeed brilliantly linked into the informative and compelling commentary on Camarthen's dark past. All in all a great evening, really quite excellent quality, very very memorable. Andy S

Myself, my partner and his 2 children, ages 13 and 11, went on this tour yesterday evening. Despite the cold, we all had a fabulous time. Being new to the area, this gave us a brilliant insight into days gone by, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Nick is an engaging tour guide, passionate about his subject matter, and extremely knowledgeable.
I would recommend this tour to both locals and visitors alike, everybody will learn something new and have a great time in the process!
Helen Jenkins

I just spent a thoroughly entertaining couple of hours in the company of the fascinating Dr Nicolas Grimoire. Dressed as an undertaker in black tails he told us of ghostly goings on right in the town. We heard about heroes and villains and spent time in the old prison cells. I totally recommend this for both locals and visitors alike. Gail B

Really enjoyed the evening tour, was humorous and intriguing at the same time. Lots of stories and wonders and well worth going. Excellent! Sandy & Phil

Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting "spooky tour" of Carmarthen. We both were fascinated with all the information, and seriously impressed at your ability to, not only remember it all, but to also portray the stories with such enthusiasm and humour. Kerry Sides

We went in not knowing what to expect. And we got more than we could have ever bargained for! From beginning to end, we were never bored. Dr Nicholas Grimoire was a superb guide and host. From his entrance, dressed in full regalia, to the end, he was informative and highly entertaining. With his Derren Brown worthy mind tricks and engrossing stories, a better person could not be chosen to have lead our tour through Carmarthen. Thank you for a wonderful time, and the highlight to our week in Wales. Leigh M

Nick's charisma, friendly personality and good local historical knowledge made this tour entrancing. Definitely worth the money. The only improvement I could envisage was if Nick were to put on an extended tour that lasted twice as long, the time went too quickly. Scarlet

Scary, informative, exciting and great fun. It was really good to go on the walk and tour with a great crowd who inter-acted with the magic and tricks. If you want to add some excitement and fun to your day, then this is the tour for you. It suits all ages as the magic is really great and Nick is very informative about the local area and its history. Barbara

What a brilliant entertaining evening. I have lived in Carmarthen all my life & never know all the goings on right on my doorstep. Well worth going. Nick Brunger the story teller is fabulous, also his magic tricks are entertaining to with people from the group taking part. Whether you are a local or visitor you must go. Stories are for all age groups; my 8 year old great nephew loved it. Carina D

Just to say how much we enjoyed your Spooky Town Tour. We were all agog at your magic tricks and a little shamefaced with our lack of local history and had a very entertaining evening. Angela, Mike, Kay, Hebe & Chris

We went as a group of 5 friends in our mid twenties who have lived in Carmarthen all our lives, but we still learned so much. It was great to see the town from a different perspective. An enthusiastic tour guide who kept everyone engaged and entertained, a great storyteller. I would recommend for visitors to the town but also for people who live here too! Catherine W

Thank you for a wonderful evening. We were completely intrigued with all the magic and the history and we both had a great time. I shall be recommending the walk to everyone. Kirsty Tudor

Just to let you know that my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed your magical, atmospheric trip round Carmarthen earlier this month. Thank you very much. Sandra T

What an afternoon! The good Dr Grimoire was a font of local knowledge and entertained us with stories and tales of mystical goings on. We were guided to local landmarks in Carmarthen and given detailed information about individuals and historical events that have shaped the town both in name and character. Time flew by as we were told of unexplained activity, famous individuals escapades and taken to locations that have interesting facts linked to them. An excellent way to gain an insight of Carmarthen's past for both locals and visitors. Dr Grimoire is knowledgable, talented and his charismatic nature entrancing - a fabulous tour not to be missed. Carwen

Mum and I experienced Nick's Creepy Carmarthen tour last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nick is a brilliant storyteller, and kept us entertained and engaged throughout. We live locally to Carmarthen but don't know much of the town's fascinating history, so it was wonderful to hear some history, tales and spooky goings-on from the past - I hadn't realised what a rich history this little town held. I'd definitely recommend this tour to locals and visitors alike for an entertaining evening doing something a little different. Sioned B

I went on this tour on a very cold evening which did not diminish my enjoyment of Nick's engaging presentation. It was really good fun and just a little bit scary in places. I am not going to do any spoilers I suggest you go yourself and have a fabulously entertaining time. I will definitely be recommending this to all our guests and visitors. Children, (of all ages), will love it!  Ancient D - on Trip Advisor








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